Mississauga native PND is having a party next door in Toronto
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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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The Occult Tour Hits Town And Casts Its Spell

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IMG_0362As winter approaches and a dreadful festival season comes to a close, Toronto bass heads were gifted a very early Christmas present with a Friday night stacked with three different bass heavy shows. How does one choose which one to attend? There was the stacked lineup at NXT LVL, full of local talent with full support from the Toronto Bass Community. There was also the ever popular Thugli duo at the Mod Club. But on this Friday night of bass, was the much anticipated return of fan favourite Kill the Noise, who really had some explaining to do after the uncharacteristically poor performance at the Veld after party only a few months prior.

Entering the Hoxton at around 11:30, every bass head was handed a light up Heineken bracelet that switched colors rapidly with the beat. In a tight fitting, dark boiler room setting, this was a nice addition to what was going to be a full house. Local DamnKids was on stage spinning to a mid-sized crowd, but for 11:30 the Hoxton seemed relatively empty. He played a great mixture of tracks that kept the early arrivers bouncing. Mixed with his great stage presence, he was one of the better openers seen in a while. You can tell when a Hoxton crowd isn’t paying a DJ any attention, but Damnkids was taking his opening slot in stride in getting the crowd ready for the PK speakers to be turned up.


As Damnkids closed out his fantastic set, AWE came on stage, around 12:30. He continued the trend of the night of playing a wide variety of genres, from heavy drops to a throwback of Soulja Boy. Unfortunately, he experienced a ton of technical difficulties throughout the set and it really took away from the energy he was trying to continue over from Damnkids’s set. The technical difficulties were not his fault, but you could tell he was flustered and his MC skills with the microphone were lackluster. The crowd had returned to the standard Hoxton crowd for openers.

AWE had the equipment switched out as he continued to spin the end of his set. It was around 1:30 and Kill The Noise already on stage was taking pictures and talking with fans for about 20 minutes. So far, there had been no recollection of the Kill The Noise that performed at tattoo. He was back to being the fan favorite, shaking hands, laughing and just being a regular guy amongst his loyal fans.


As Kill The Noise took the stage, the Hoxton crowd all had their lit up hands in the air and the medium sized crowd had ballooned to a packed house. In between dropping throwbacks and new tracks from his EP, he had to get on the microphone a few times and tell everyone to take care of each other, not to hurt each other. The place was going nuts from front to back. As security was a little bit short staffed, there were girls dancing on the front of the stage and at one point someone even jumped from the elevated side railing right into the middle of the Mosh. Kill The Noise was right in setting some ground rules.


However, more important than his crazy drops and soon to be successful new album tracks, was the fact that he shut off the music at one point, and acknowledged what happened at Tattoo a few months prior. It was nothing crazy, he was at the club early and was not scheduled to play until later and he got way to drunk. In fact, he said he was completely black out and really does not remember a whole lot of what happened. Needless to say, it was hilarious to here and the crowd roared in approval to accept his apology.


Throughout the night you could hear countless stories about meeting Kill The Noise and how amazing of a person he is. To add to this, bass heads, as much as they go hard, are the nicest people in the city. This was a redemption show for Kill The Noise, but what he didn’t know was that Toronto never stopped loving him because of that one night, the bass heads just want him to come back and shake the floor again and again, like he always does.

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