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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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Forevermore Express Rolled Through With Underachievers And Co On Board

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On October 18, The Underachievers and their squad took to the stage of the venerable Phoenix Concert Theatre.

The Brooklyn based rappers who mystical ideologies are being wholly heartedly embraced by a younger generation. The last time we saw this free form thought and ideology was and Zion I back in the 90’s. On this Sunday night several hundred gathered to here AK and Issa Gold Preach. But first you had to make it through the multiple opening acts. Yes, there were several opening acts.

On this night, at this concert you would be hard pressed to claim, you didn’t get your moneys worth. Every opening act got about forty to forty-five minutes, coincidentally that exactly how long UA performed for.

The Bodega boyz have the makings of decent hip hop crew once they become more seasoned. Their stage performance is much like that of their music its somewhat gritty, somewhat grimy, overall its enjoyable, its standard hip-hop that fits nice and neatly into the hip hop world.


The standout opening artist of the night in my opinion was Kirk Knight the multi-faceted and highly versatile member of Pro-Era. He can literally do everything he’s a prolific emcee, rapper, producer, songwriter, and beat smith. On stage he has charisma, stage presence, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind as was the case on this night. When several male audience members yelled at him when are you gonna rep Steez? His response “Shut the F**K Up, what you don’t think I’m going pay my respects” when they fired back Knights response was once again succinct and to the point “Quit fronting like you knew the man, you ain’t never smoked with him, hell I’m willing to bet you never ever laid eyes on him, nuff said. Let’s get back to the music.”


As Knight’s set drew to a close he asked the audience for a moment of silence to pay respect to Steez. Sure enough there had to be some jerk, who was either lost or a wagon jumper, could be heard getting yelled at to shut and be respectful. After the moment Knight thanked those who paid tribute to his fallen friend, and musical collaborative partner. He also let everyone know that he’s been working with Joey and there is new music in the pipeline.

The clock strikes twelve you here a voice in the darkness and the crowd starts chant UA, UA, Ua the AK and Issa come bouncing out on stage. First thing you here is Toronto are you ready to get Lit.



The first few songs went by like a blur, then Issa stopped to address the crowd for a moment before they got right back at it spitting rhymes and flowing always in sync, consciously aware, they take every opportunity to amplify the other.

Then out of nowhere AK decided to launch himself of the stage into the crowd and they surf him back to the stage, he picks his mic up and continues without missing a beat. Then come the rain as they take turns opening bottles of water and dousing the crowd.

Issa takes another brief moment to engage the crowd to ask “Where all my motherfuckin indigo’s at?”

The response to this question was very raucous. UA then launched in “Gold Soul Theory.”

At several points during the show Gold walked to the edge of the stage and looked down almost papal like at all the outstretched arms, he then used his free hand to reach out and touch them as if to give his indigo followers his blessing.

I believe it was during LUAM, that AK said “he wanted to several circle pits forms simultaneously”

and for them to go hard for the entire song. Although he didn’t get the multiple pits to occur there was however one massive circle pit do form.

Kirk Knight joined UA on stage for “Herb Shuttles” where they bigged him and Brooklyn up and declared its time to get turnt.

When your music comes with a dogma and you are constantly espousing conscious thought, indigoism and one-love, I kind of expected them to expound more on their message, during their live show. Unless of course, They are really practicing the “Art of Duality.”

At the end of their 45 minute set Gold took to the mic to impart one last message to his flock. He urged everyone in attendance to transcend and become “one superhuman race” this way they would be able to challenge societal norms and make real positive and long lasting shit happen.

As the lights came on Gold could be seen engaging with a group of fans huddled at the corner of the stage, AK was seen taking a photo with a couple of fans and Kirk Knight was also seen interacting with a group of fans as well as some aspiring rappers.

New York is known as the city that never sleeps and Brooklyn based rappers Underachievers want to keep everything they do “Lit as F**k.”

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