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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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Clara Venice’s “Electric Dreams”

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On Oct 15, Clara Venice and her holograms took over Nuvango Studio for her “Electric Dreams” cd release party. The night was full of levity, lightshow and oh ya music. Clara Venice latest musical offering “Electric Dreams” is Venice’s second release its a four-song EP that weaves heavy synth with shades of pop and sub-pop.

The intimate venue space combined with the art crowd atmosphere was an nice change of pace from the usual concert fare.


The current Ep “Electric Dream” was created while she was an Artist in Residence at the National Music Center in Calgary. While there Venice was giving access to the extensive collection of historical and modern day recording equipment as well as their vast archive of musical instruments.

Clara has never been one to shy away from the road less taken. This was most evident when she agreed to be the opening act for the Barenaked Ladies Tour in 2014. Stepping out in front of two to twenty thousand people dressed in tights, tutu, and covered in glitter; with the nickname “Sparkle Princess.” Is definitely a brave move, what happened? People were enthralled and enraptured by the graceful melodies that were emanating from this musical device that doesn’t require touch to be played.


I believe Venice is what you would get if David Bowie and Bjork were to have a lovechild. Her insatiable musical curiosity combined with her attention to detail in not only the musical side, but business aspects of the industry. To create well thought out and well crafted music & merchandise. This sentiment was echoed by Kevin Hearn of the Barenaked Ladies who describes her music as “simple, but well-crafted.”

Almost everyone has heard what a thermin sounds (vintage sci-fi, horror movies) like even if they don’t know it. It’s one of those unique musical instruments that most musicians know about but very few dare to try and perform with it, let alone master it. Clara Venice is that daring individual who not only decided to perform with a theremin, but thought it would be fun to become a multi-instrumentalist of some of the world’s most unique musical inventions. When creating her latest EP, she decided to use 71 unique and distinctly different musical instruments in its creation. The instruments that made it onto the EP were Stlyophone, Buchla lightning II, Theremini, electric violin, guitar, ukulele, and a glockenspiel.


When you combine Venice’s grit and determination with her pop persona and musical ability, one day she will become a pop theremist sensation. Those who scoff at the notion, only need look at Dr Draw and Lindsey Stirling.

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