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Nicole Moudaber’s Mood: Mood Raw

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Martyr Magazine got the opportunity to sit down 1 on 1 with one of the most in demand, hard working dj/producers on the planet. The one and only Nicole Moudaber to our knowledge, the only person who goes harder then Nicole Moudaber is Danny Tenaglia, and she’s quickly catching him.

Martyr: Hi Nicole, Welcome to Martyr, Thanks for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to talk to us today. How was the crowd for you tonight?

Nicole: Your Welcome. Toronto crowds are always awesome, I love the energy they bring each and every time I’m here.

Martyr: That’s awesome to hear.  What was the inspiration that led you to decide to pursue a career in music.

Nicole: My Love for the music, I live and breathe it every day. I was a promoter, I was a clubber, I follow it, and then I then one day I decided I wanted to make it, so I locked myself in the studio and taught myself how to do it.  One day a man named Carl Cox found my music played it on his radio show, not long after that he booked me to play his parties and the rest is history.

Martyr:  What advice would you give to struggling Dj’s who want to walk away from music?

Nicole: Go into your studio out of passion and love, not for fame or fortune. Create music that you love, that you would want to hear when your out in a club. Post it online cause you never know who will hear it.

Martyr: What are favourite places to perform worldwide?

Nicole: Canada, New York and Ibiza

Martyr: What is your opinion on push-button Dj’s?

Nicole: Everyone these days wants to be a Dj. Dj’s are the rockstars of today, let them make their money, they are a product to entertain an audience, but will never be respected as Dj’s by their peers.

Martyr: Are they any Dj’s you look to for inspiration or new music?

Nicole: The Dj’s I look to are Monica Cruise, Magda, Cassie, Maya Jane Coles and a few others.

Martyr: What would you say to anyone who wants to follow in your footsteps

Nicole: This career is very selfish and demanding, you have to be passionate, dedicated, determined and focused choosing this career, nothing comes easy, but if you persevere you will succeed in the end. That’s the nature of a career as a Dj.

Martyr: If you hadn’t become a Dj/Producer what job do you think you’d be doing today?

Nicole: I’d probably be working at the U.N as a goodwill ambassador or human rights activist.

Martyr: Do you think you will ever follow that path?

Nicole: Yes, I always wanted to and now thanks to the amazing Nile Rodgers I have the opportunity to. I just joined the We Are Family Foundation.

Martyr: Do you see yourself experimenting with other musical genres?

Nicole: I play all different genres on my syndicated worldwide fm radio show. I love that I have this platform, because it allows me to showcase my love for music.

Martyr: If we tune in what might we hear?

Nicole: House, Deep House, Tech House, Techno, I love showcasing different styles music, I don’t want to get stuck and be known for just one sound; so I venture out and look for new sounds all the time whether its for my own productions or my radio show.

Martyr: What does it mean to you to have Carl Cox and Danny Tenaglia not just promote you, but also play your music?

Nicole: Its amazing, those two men promoting me and plying my music is like giving it a stamp of approval. It gives you confidence that you are on the right path, doing all the right things, because in the beginning you don’t really know what your doing, and a lot of times you second guess and doubt yourself. But when someone as established as a Carl Cox or a Danny Tenaglia say this good, you get a confidence boost and want to do more, work harder, and and even challenge yourself to go where you were afraid to venture before.

Martyr: On your musical journeys do you see yourself incorporating live vocals into some of your tracks?

Nicole: Actually, On my current Ep about to be released you’ll get to hear the amazing vocals of Skin from the former band Skunk Anansie. She is an amazingly talented singer-songwriter, as well as one hell of a dj herself.

Martyr: Wow, Nicole pulling a Carl and gushing over Skin

Martyr and Nicole [laughs]

Martyr: Were there any challenges you faced while recording you latest Ep?

Nicole: Yes, It took me a while, at least six months to get the opening track “Someone Like You” to the point where I was happy with it and to also get all the Djs to play this full vocal song and not sound cheesy.

Martyr: If you could with any artist in any musical genre who would it be?

Nicole: It would be Tupac, unfortunately he’s dead. I really like Hip-Hop and R&B. You should check out an artist named Zebra Katz. He sings on my new Ep that I did with Skin.

Martyr: You appear to have contracted the Danny Tenaglia Syndrome. What are you thoughts on that.

Nicole: I grew up on his music.

Martyr: That explains a lot. For the record your the first dj to come close to him.

Nicole: Everyone always says that to me. They say my sound is similar to his, I feel like I’m definitely stamped with his sound and am honoured that people get the same vibes and appreciate it.

Martyr: Danny is the best marathon Dj in the world bar none.

Nicole: He loves to play, once he starts he doesn’t want to stop and that shows you the passion that this man carries about music and it is very inspiring.

Martyr: How does a person spin for 22 out of 48 hours with no drugs or alcohol involved?

Nicole: Its crazy I know, I don’t drink or do anything illegal when I spin. My regimen is water, vitamins and if I feel myself waning, I reach for a 5hr energy. Honestly it may be hard to believe, but a key factor for me is the vibe and energy of the room which helps give me the drive/motivation to put out these incredible sets. I’m not gonna lie it does drain me, but the rush/high I get from being in the moment is quite remarkable and amazing.

Martyr: Now that Nicole Moudaber’s has been elevated to the pantheon of the venerable veteran dj status so early in your career? What’s next?

Nicole: Its a great achievement, this early in my career, its not where I want to be because there is so much more that I want to be then I am right now. I am just at the beginning of my journey and I know there’s lots more to do and building the profile, more then that I am very ambitious, I am never satisfied with status quo, you will never find me resting on my laurels, I always keep pushing and challenging myself by taken the path least followed, these experiences drive me to better myself and allow me to keep pushing boundaries both personally and musically. That is Art, art is not stagnating, its a constant evolution and journey.

Martyr: What does Nicole Moudaber listen to when she has down time.

Nicole: To be honest I haven’t listened anything else recently. Even though I should.

Martyr: So nothing outside of electronic music.

Nicole: Yes, only dance music for the last while, but I feel had I not done that, not dug deeper, I would’ve never been able to discover the meaning behind everything and then take that knowledge and create something unique and beautiful. I feel I would not be where I am today.

Martyr: Where does Beirut born world travelling Dj Nicole Moudaber call home?

Nicole: At the end of the day, when I’m not working, I drop my bags in London. This year however, I got to spend time a lot more time then usual at my summer home in Ibiza.

Martyr: Nicole, Thank you for an amazing interview.

Nicole: It was my pleasure.


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