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Apple Wasn’t Going To Pay For Three Months: Taylor Wants Photographers to Work For Her For Free In Perpetuity

Submitted by on July 9, 2015 – 9:33 amNo Comment

t swift

Let me preface this article by saying I was a huge Taylor Swift fan; I am now going to take the Red pill and carefully scutinize all the available facts. Now looking in from the outside Taylor Swift looks less like the country-pop star I fell in love with, and more like a diaristic omnipotent diva with a closet full of skeletons.

A mere month ago one of the most powerful, successful, and currently beloved music artists in the world penned an open letter to Apple, declaring she was standing up for artists who do not have the power or financial freedom, she enjoys. The letter effectively shamed the billion dollar corporation for trying to profit off, the backs of indie arists who are trying to earn a living wage, from their art. They relented and agreed to compensate the artists on their platform. Swift, then allowed Apple to add her Red and 1989 albums to their playlist rotation.

Fast Forward a month later and Taylor Swift is embarking on her latest tour, which by all accounts will gross a few hundred million dollars. When all is said and done that translates into Swift pocketing tens of millions for herself. You’d think a girl who is making that kind of money, not to mention a bank account that is estimated at around a 250 million.  She should have no problem sharing the love and wealth around. Ya, NO, Taylor Swift just caught doing the exact same thing that angered her enough to pen her now famous open letter. Over the years, one thing I’ve learned is that Taylor Swift and her parental units, are very, very, hands on when it comes to any and every aspect of her multi-faceted career, so she can’t plead ignorance about the hypocrisy that has come to light.

How can she pen a letter decrying major corporations as greedy and explotative and then turn around and do the exact same thing? My curious question is, has Taylor finally succumbbed to the spoils of power or has she always been this much of a duplicitous hypocrite? Can she or has she ever been able to separate Artists (photographers) and photojournalists trying to eek out a meager existence from wannabes (papparazzo) who give artists a bad name. Does she even care? Her persona is that she is a fun loving, happy go lucky, artist who loves all her fans and other artists dearly. I guess her love for artists only extends to her friends and peers. Has this all been a very carefully crafted optical illusion? Are we just now starting to see the real visage of Taylor Swift, which appears to be that of Smart, Calculating, Omni-Diva?

For those of you who don’t believe or don’t want to believe that Taylor is involved with this hypocrisy, the photo contract was created, not by her record label, but by the company Swift is affiliated with called Firefly Entertainment, (father is major shareholder) which also has connections to 13 management, Swift Merchandising, Taylor Nation LLC, and Taylor Swift Productions.

The problem isn’t so much that Swift and Firefly are presenting artists and photo journalists with this obscene, over the top, bend you over a barrell, photo contract. It’s the fact, that Swift is being in your face hypocritical. I am now wondering, if she didn’t right that open letter because she saw it as an afront to her, by one of the minions under her Oligarchy. Seeing as how she has pulled all her music from everywhere else, except Apple. Side benefit: she helped out some struggling musicians and gained populist favor.

Taylor is not the first music artist to attempt this type of obscene over the top photo contract/waiver, but she is certainly the biggest. So I applaud Jason Sheldon for having the courage to shine a light on this hypocrisy. I would also like to commend La Presse, The Gazette, Le Journal, Metro Montreal and 24 for their stand as well as any other publication that has the integrity to fight for the rights of every hard working artist and photojournalist out there.

The OFFICIAL response from the Taylor Swift Camp is that Jason Sheldon is misconstruing FACTS and the world is misinterpreting the contract. I’ve read it and there is no way, any reasonably intelligent person, will misconstrue or misinterpret the contract. I’ve highlighted the most DISTURBING parts of the contract below.

contract highlights

Here is the Photo Contract/Waiver for the Taylor Swift 1989 tour.  We want you to read Sections 2, 3, and 5 of the contract.  Section 5, states that Taylor Swift, Scott and Andrea Swift and her MGMT, CONDONE and ADVOCATE Physical Violence and Destruction of Private Property. The entire contract is below if you want to read it. 

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