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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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The Broods Dont Mind a Hassle on Tour, Erik Hassle That Is…

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At 8:30 p.m., Swedish R&B sensation Erik hassle strutted out on stage clad in a leather jacket and blue jeans, with hair coiffed just so. His first song of the night “Innocence Lost” was impressive, he then transitioned to “Pathetic” which was produced by Sohn. With the help of his friend Raymundo Cruz, they rocked out the crowd with several more electronic-laden songs till Erik decided to switch things up and bust out a guitar and perform an incredible stripped-down version of “Nothing Can Change This Love” and “All the Lonesome Lovers”. He then reunited with Raymundo to finish out his set with a performance of “No Words”. Throughout his opening set, we got to see that no only can Mr Hassle sing, and play a guitar, but he also has some serious dance moves as well.


New Zealand’s latest export, The Broods, have been on a steady incline trajectory since they burst onto the scene in 2013. The last time they passed through Toronto, they were the opening act for Sam Smith. This time through, they are the headliners  and they didn’t disappoint the packed house at the Danforth Music Hall.

With dramatic lighting to accompany Georgia’s vocals and Caleb’s nimble fingers on the ivory; The Broods opened their set with “Never Gonna Change” and kept up the frenetic pace, swiftly transitioning to “Sleep Baby Sleep” then “Everytime” before taking a moment to engage the audience, after the brief exchange, right back at it performing “Killing You”. Caleb Nott then moved from playing keyboard to guitar and the duo performed an acoustic version of “ Taking You There” and even got help with the chorus from the audience.

Nott asked if they could perform a new song, to which the audience responded with thunderous applause. The Broods proceeded with “I’ve Got Room For You Here”. If anyone wants to know just how powerful Georgia’s voice is all they need do is listen to her perform “Four Walls” where she masterfully belts out beautifully powerful octaves albeit with some trepidation.

The stage goes dark, lights begin to flicker and pulsate, slowly building before culminating in a brilliant flash that engulfs the audience. During this lighting display, an enterprising fan took the opportunity and made her way on stage and next to Nott as she began to sing “Bridges”. The fan dances next to Nott for a minute or two before hopping off stage and back into the crowd. Nott appeared unphased by this turn of events and kept performing.

Nott then engaged the audience once again to ask all those in attendance to dance really, really hard to the next song “L.A.F” (which stands for loose as f**k). The lighting for this song was interesting as they used blue and purple spotlights, which when cast made for some cool artistic shadows in the background. For the last song of their hour plus set wind machines powered up some fabric, that when aerated swayed behind Nott as she performed “Coattails” giving off a celestial embodiment, when combined with the lighting arrangement.


The stage goes dark and the audience starts chanting “encore! encore!” A few moments later the duo emerge and take center stage where a tam has been positioned Caleb grabs some drumstick for himself and his sister and then begin to play. The encore consisted of songs “Superstar” and “Mother and Father”. Nott then took to the mic and said “Thank you Toronto, you rock” then tossed her drumstick into the audience before disappearing into the darkness. The Broods stuck to plan and executed like a well oiled machine. I hope as they grow and become more sure of themselves on stage, they will loosen up and give a next level performance I know they are capable of.


Several concert goers could be heard humming a tune while another lucky fan couldn’t believe she caught the drumstick which she said “was an awesome concert momento” while she waited patiently in the coat-check line.


Photos by FTFPhotography

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