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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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BlackHeart Burlesque Dances Its Way Through Canada

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Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, weekdays can sometimes be boring. Options can be limited and the amount of things to do on a Thursday can get repetitive. This can all be cured, if the Suicide Girls have scheduled their annual Blackheart Burlesque show in your city.

The Burlesque show took place at the Phoenix Concert Hall in Toronto. For those who were not sure what they bought tickets for, the scraps of left over nipple tape throughout the hallway to enter the venue may have provided some hints. This is no normal burlesque show by definition, “a variety show, typically including a striptease,” and with these performances there is a lot of “tease”. Local troupe Skin Tight Outta Sight warmed up the crowd before the host for the evening, a bubbly and beautiful brunette named Sunny Holiday, had the crowd in cheers as she screamed, “who wants to see my boobies?”

The show itself is a crowd pleaser. Without taking into account the extremely scantily clad women, all of the music and acts are well known themes from pop culture. From the Lara Croft look alike to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Blackheart Burlesque brings everyone’s cosplay fantasies into reality on stage. The performers themselves fit the Suicide Girls profile image perfectly: tattooed, colorful hair and exuding extreme confidence, especially while dancing “burlesque”.

Throughout the night the crowd roared for all of the ladies on stage. Considering the endless amount of themes that occur on stage for the 2+ hour show, there are only between 6-8 girls in the group. This allowed for a range of dance troupes to be seen, but whether it was a solo dancer on stage or the entire group, the crowd was always engaged and involved.

It cannot be said enough, how important the host is to this show. She does an incredible job of getting the crowd entertained and keeping everyone’s energy high. One highlight was convincing three of the ladies in the crowd to come on stage and dance with her while bass pounded and the walls of the Phoenix shook. The winner of the crowd based strip tease actually showed as much or more than the burlesque dancers as she flashed the crowd to the cheers of everyone in attendance. The next time a crowd member was brought on stage, it was a Waterloo graduate who had to study a grade 5 test while receiving a lap dance from the host. Admitting it was a struggle to concentrate, he represented all the men in the crowd well by being respectful and as in control as one grown man can be while having tassled nipples and a twerking booty shaken in and around his face.

The show should come with an asterisk as it is not traditional burlesque; it’s Suicide Girls burlesque. It’s fun, it is lively and where else would you get to see your favorite pop culture references and cosplay characters brought to life. While it may not be as crisp or polished as a traditional burlesque show, it keeps all in attendance entertained and thirsting for more. People are there to yell, scream and show support. You can see how much fun the ladies are having on stage as they perform; they laugh, smile and stick their tongues out at each other as the crowd reacts to their every move. The Blackheart Burlesque is an exciting change when it comes to town, offering a bubbly host, a passionate dance troupe, and more then enough nipple tape and booty shaking than anyone could ask for on a weekday.


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