Mississauga native PND is having a party next door in Toronto
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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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Spazzkid, Pomo, and Giraffage Walk into a Bar

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Charles Yin- more commonly known around the world as Giraffage, is out on tour in support of sample free EP “No Reason”.

The Hoxton, a cavernous dwelling that plays host to many ear shattering, bass heavy, internal organ shaking parties, was home to a more relaxed and refined sound this night. Dj Spazzkid kicked things off with sombre yet fluid melodies paving the way for Pomo to take the stage and keep the crowd warmed up and ready.

Pomo (David Pimentel) a B.C. native turned Montreal transplant has an effusive style of old funk meets nu-funk, that has a chameleon like ability to be able to adapt to its surroundings by adding new sounds while still keeping its core beat. You can drop vocals, add guitar riffs or percussion beats to a Pomo track and it enhances the work, instead of detracting. It reminiscent of DJ Dilla-like harmonies. His overall set on this night was deep funky house that flowed and moved you to want to dance. Pomo drops Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Outta My Head” and for fun turns the sound off to see what would happen-the crowd finished of singing the final chorus of “la, la, la’s”.


His mixes throughout the night were seamless till he dropped “Bruh” by Sam Gellarity. But I’m not gonna fault him for that, especially considering I thoroughly enjoyed his set.


By one A.M. the venue was busy with bodies dancing and swaying to the funky melodies flowing about the room-Toronto was the fourteenth stop of the 27 city tour. Giraffage steps up the stage and addresses the crowd. He opens his set with his remix of “Close to Me” and for the next hour Giraffage would transition between pounding upbeat trap beats to loungy, melodic, underground stylings. The flow between them was fluid and kept people dancing and for those who may have become too relaxed, the quick jolt from the trap beats get your blood flowing and body grooving again. To close his one-hour-set, he finished with one of the most classic trance songs in history…DaRude’s “Sandstorm”. It was a blast from the past, and as the song came to a close, Giraffage took to the mic and said Thank-you to the crowd as they chanted one more song. His reply?  “I have nothing left.”


Giraffage then made his way to the side of the stage where he then took pictures, and chatted with fans until the venue was ready to close.

photos by ftfphotography

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