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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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Shred Kelly Slaloms into Toronto

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What to say about the Indie folk-pop band Shred kelly from Fernie B.C. Well they certainly stay true to their folk roots with Tim taking to the stage with his trust banjo in hand, Sage with her crescent shaped tamborine as she steps up to the mic, Jordan on harmonica with fancy neck strap, oh ya he also plays bass, Ty on guitar and Ian on the drums, because what band doesn’t have a drummer.

They are on a cross Canada tour in support of their latest album “Sing to the Night”.

Sage is the first one on stage and she looks like stepped right out of a vintage thrift store wearing a floral pattern pull over, a body hugging little black dress paired with leggings and fur lined boots because you see she’s a county girl and they don’t freeze for fashion like city girls do. Then the rest of the band make their way onto the stage. Tim takes to to the mic to thank everyone for braving the cold to come to their performance this evening.

Several songs in Tim once again takes to the mic and asks who is from where. He mentions that the band is from Fernie, B.C., he gets a thunderous applause. And precedes to let everyone in attendance know a little back story about their next song which not only is the album’s title track, but also the first video.

The video is an homage to a long held Fernie tradition – Hot Dog Day. It’s and annual event that sees the locals get all dressed up in their best retro ski gear and go “hot doggin” down the mountain in homage to the some of the best and worst ski movies of a bygone era.

The band lets everyone in the audience known about this revered town ritual, He goes on to state that it is a legendary day in Fernie, where the whole town takes the day off and heads to the slopes ion their best, brightest, most outlandish hot dog outfits. Their is even a woman who for this day rents out hotdog day outfits, so between her and other vendors in town everyone is able to get suited up in some pretty gnarly and snug fitting suits and partake in yearly ritual.

Naturally being born and bred in Fernie, the band felt the need to get as many people as they could from from the town involved. The video pretty much features everything that we love most, retro ski gear, hula hooping, and cheesy synchronized dance moves. There are so many talented people in Fernie, and we’re so fortunate that they all came together to make this video happen.

A member of the audience yells does that include Dylan? And Tim responds yes most definitely, you know about Dylan, for those in the audience who don’t know Dylan. Dylan Siggers, was our amazing videographer, He was truly a wizard, by capturing the entire vision and spirit of the video. I should also mention he did it all in one take. Dylan gets a round of boisterous applause. Sage takes to the mic to thank the crowd, and talks about the tour thus far and the tour hashtag . She then goes on to thank Steam whistle for sponsoring them and is amazed that the band has been able to keep the beer from freezing during their cross-country trek thus far. They perform another song or two then leave the stage briefly.

The crowd starts chanting encore, a few moments later they return, ok we got a few more for you.
The band thanks Toronto for all the love and support, the crowd responds in kind with thunderous applause. Afterward the band heads to their merch table to meet and greet fans, then to the bar for a few beverages.

Photos by FTFPhotography

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