Mississauga native PND is having a party next door in Toronto
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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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Asap Ferg and Yg your Best Coast Connections

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The Best Coast connection played up the rare notion of an east meets west mashup where both parties would set aside the coastal rivalry and merge talents and styles in a harmonious blend to produce one vibe that would woo and rock every crowd they performed for.

The first mistake they made was being absurdly late-to-start. I’ve been to a lot of hip hop shows in my day and yes, hip hop shows are not known for their punctuality but even the most veteran performers of the hip hop world are rarely more the thirty minutes late to stage. From the end of the opening acts performance till when Yg made his presence know on stage was eighty nine minutes (So 1hr 29 minutes)- that puts them on par with Axl Rose, Justin Beiber, and Rihanna.  Wutang, one of the most revered groups in the genre’s history was only thirty five minutes late-to-start during their 25th anniversary show.

From the darkness, a voice is heard. Followed by a shadowy silhouette seen on stage. The lights come up and Yg launches into his first song of the night, BPT. The impatient room erupts and begins rocking.

Yg’s stance and poise as well as added grit add a sense of purpose to songs like “Really be (Smokin n Drinkin)”, which for a moment made you forget that he is only a 24 year old rapper. I’m not sure what occurred, but after a few songs he veered away from this, to more comfortable and familiar sounds, spitting verses to a few mainstream bangers and club jams that he created with Dj Mustard.

Next up, he proceeded by adding a sexually charged element to the show by asking the women in the all-ages crowd to part with their lingerie and toss them on stage.


He let’s the crowd know he is about to perform his last song, but before he does, a request is made. Yg wants  to see some “titties”.  A girl named Melanie in the front row obliges and flashes him.

A few moments later, Asap takes the stage and engages the crowd briefly and then opens his set with “Perfume”. Thus, continuing the sexual aura that Yg left on. One major difference between Yg And Asap is Yg favours deep bass lines, while Asap Ferg is a fan of EDM trap beats.

Part way through his set, he stops to engage the crowd to sing happy birthday to a local Toronto woman. The crowd obliges. He then decides to follow up where Yg left off, commenting on the plethora of fine women Toronto has to offer and like Yg, requests for some beauties to flash him. He notices a young girl elevated on a guy’s shoulders and cautiously asks how old she is. “You look like your twelve.  You shouldn’t be at one of my concerts you should be at home in bed” he jokingly says. The crowd laughs. He’s gotten his focus back to deliver what he was really there to do-“enough of that lets get back to music”.


Asap Ferg appears to have all the right ingredients for longevity and success in the music business – he has commercial appeal, he is charismatic on stage, has shown not only diversity, vulnerability, but also respect for hip hop lineage that preceded him in his music(Ferg forever mix tape). If he can iron out the kinks, like killing the mood and momentum of the crowd by being more than “Fashionably Late” even by hip hop standards, and eliminating the many rehearsed bits, with failed crowd participation (Asap tried to get a hip-hop to create a wall of death), he has the potential to be one of the greats.


As the last word is spit from mic and the lights fade to black, the crowd bolts for the exit or coat check. Asap returns for his encore to a thinned out crowd, but shows the hallmarks of a true artist performing “Nia Long”.

photos by ftfphotograhy

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