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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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Lorde & Majical Cloudz raised sand – Echo Beach

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_MG_1687Lorde’s music is a fusion of electronica and pop rock in the best way possible. Toronto’s Echo Beach got a taste of it first-hand when she appeared right after Montreal’s Majical Cloudz on Friday, Sept. 12.

The New Zealand native has a sound that is bringing a fresh perspective to what is considered pop in this era and her stellar live performance and constant play on the radio waves is taking the scene by storm.

A blend of digital sounds, talented instrumentation, and her melodic, dramatic vocals make for music that is as unique as the Kiwi herself. With hooks that leave you singing along in your head far after the performance has ended she truly knows how to captivate her listeners.

_MG_1475With the crisp cool wind of fall in the air it seemed apparent that autumn had finally hit us on this chilly September evening. However, this did not stop a huge crowd attending the main performance of the evening, that’s after the Cloudz warmed the stage up.

The musical mastermind of Canadian singer-songwriter Devon Walsh was only amplified when he decided to work with Matt Otto to perform his music live. Now the audience got a real taste of what Walsh has to offer the auditory nerves, and everyone was left shell-shocked.

The duo has been touring extensively in support of their latest and second studio effort Impersonator, and this has been a huge year for them. Hittting stages at Toronto’s coveted NXNE festival, then New York’s Northside Festival, now their on a North American tour with the one and only Lorde – what could be better? Probably the next year for these two rising stars.

With a massive crowd that appeared to be even bigger than years past, Lorde was about to set the place off. People of all ages anxiously anticipated what was sure to be the performance of their lifetimes from this enigmatic entertainer._MG_1482Sure enough, as soon as Lorde took the stage a raucous roar echoed throughout the venue and did not stop until the performance ended. On top of all the noise fans were singing along to hits such as “Tennis Court,” “Royals,” and “Team” – the crowd pleasers of the evening. A humble Lorde graciously thanked the crowd many times for attending and even hinted that she would love to come back soon due to the reception she received on this chilly evening.

She said in a recent interview with Metro Boston that fame and fortune haven’t changed her, but instead she tries to live a normal, grounded life style, and still considers $100 to be “a lot of money, because $100 is a lot of money…”

Lorde does not have a vocal range that will sonically blow you away, but she makes up for it by hitting every note as if you were listening to her on record, not to mention the dramatic and dark undertones in her music are well played out.

A performance full of eye catching background videos, lights and her sporadic stage presence leave you not being able to look away. Lorde performs like no other, dancing along to her songs whilst singing on stage her body pulsates with every beat. Her band was on point as well never skipping a beat along side her unique way of performing._MG_1610With long curly locks flailing about on stage as she moves around all over she truly owns the sophisticated look for such a young woman. Some describe her as rather plain however this adds to her image as she is beautiful in her own way and doesn’t go to great heights to change her appearance despite being in the limelight. With many costume changes throughout her performance one theme seemed to be long flowy clothes to accent her appearance while she danced the night away on stage. Lorde’s image is a fresh perspective to the genre and it’s good to see.

Between songs Lorde went off on a bit of a rant about having to grow up despite not really wanting to, a relatable feeling for many in the crowd of mixed heavily with students. She described a scene at her house in New Zealand where she one night threw a house party with friends, she was up until 4 a.m. with her best friend trying to clean up the mess from the nights endeavours. For some reason in this moment she found herself realizing that she was an adult. This seemed to hit home for many in the crowd as many students were in attendance and have gone through this transition period recently.

As a performer Lorde is a must see act, she goes on stage for the enjoyment of her fans and seemingly herself as well. Her performance is captivating and enjoyable as the imagery as well as the on point vocals complement each other perfectly.

With catchy music she is sure to be at the forefront of the popular music seen for a while and definitely is a force to be reckoned with now and for years to come.



Story by Tee Onek Photos by Ftfphotography


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