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These Raven Skies rebranding rock on debut album

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TRSHailing from Calgary, These Raven Skies came across the opportunity of a lifetime, and they took full advantage of it.

With their debut album released on July 29, it’s hard to believe that this is the work of a breakthrough band. If you took some of the traits of today’s greatest rock bands, everything from Pearl Jam to Monster Truck, and mashed them together, you’d start to get a taste of what These Raven Skies bring to the rock realm.

“The album represents a progression in our sound,” said Alex Whitcombe, guitarist from the band. “It’s a true representation of what we wanted to hear on record. It wasn’t about catering to a certain genre.”

The only thing more unique than their style, is how they came to be more than just your average garage and bar band. It’s a storyline and series of events that people only envision happening in movies, yet it happened to these guys.

Once upon a time, Jeff Martin, best known as the lead singer of Canada’s iconic rock band The Tea Party, was playing a solo gig in Whitcombe’s backyard, best known as the guitarist and main songwriter of These Raven Skies.

“It was a surreal experience, you hear these stories, and you just say ‘yeah right.'” It’s an obvious case of fate calling, and Whitcombe and the guys definitely decided to accept the charges, and give it their all. “He really wanted to see how far we were willing to go with it too, so we just threw everything we had into the kitchen sink, and into the project. We had no creative boundaries.”

After enjoying the set, the aspiring musician stepped up to the opening band, handed them his demo disc, and somehow that disc found itself in the hands of Martin. The next thing that happened was the dawn of a new day for Whitcombe and the guys of These Raven Skies.

They heard Martin was stoked on their music and wanted to get together with them. Then came the call “Hello Gentlemen, so we’re going to make some music, ya?” said Martin when he called. The rest as they say, is history.

“For us it was a really interesting project to work on,” said Whitcombe. “Martin is a big influence of ours, and to be involved with him on a creative level was just totally mind blowing.” TRS&MArtin[Photo taken from These Raven Skies’ Facebook page, working in Martin’s studio in Australia.]

After they received the call, they flew to Australia where Martin has his studio setup, and they got right down to business. Long story short, the product was the debut release These Raven Skies, and the production value on the album is going to be responsible for their quick ascension.

The first single from the album “No Need To Worry,” features Martin himself, as well as a few of the other tracks on the album, and is poised to be one of the hottest rock tracks of the summer.

“It seemed like a natural choice for the first single. It was the first tune we all really jived on in terms of style. It has that upbeat vibe, it has lyrics that are party rock, and it’s one of the lighter-hearted tracks on the album. It had a good vibe from day one.”

Rock n roll has been around for decades, and it’s impressive to see new bands still coming out that exemplify the core values of rock without ever copying their predecessors. These Raven Skies are one of the bands that fall under this category. When Martin called these guys up, he said that he wanted to tune them up, and make their sound a little less mainstream.

“It was about depth and structure, also layering, stuff that you don’t get a lot of in your typical radio rock or commercial rock music. He helped make multiple guitar parts, so that every time you listen to it, you’re hearing something different.”

These Raven Skies debut album was released under Blackstream Records, an independent music label owned and operated by Whitcombe himself. This effort not only allows Whitcombe to fun his efforts and push his own music out, but it also provides opportunity for other indie bands as well.

“The record label is owned by me and a partner out of Vancouver. We developed it over the last four years, and we now have ten active acts on the roster. It’s a pretty active label and we’re a sponsor of the UPROAR Festival this year. The way we look at it, this is how the modern music industry works – we do it ourselves, but we get by with a little help from our friends.”

These Raven Skies are currently on tour with the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival.

Story by Devin Size


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