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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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Tegan & Sara give back their all at CHUM’s Fanfest

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Tegan & Sara CHUM 104.5 FM’s Fanfest had two incredible headliners in Ellie Goulding and Tegan & Sara – two class acts from different sides of the world and music spectrum.  The fans loved it, and pleasantly so, considering this show was for them. The evening bolstered many great performers including MAGIC!, Andrew Allen, Alyssa Reid, Kristina Maria and Cris Cab. The night was jam packed with a euphoric crowd lost in the amazing music that these great Canadian – and one English and one American – artists had to offer. This night is all about fan favourites reciprocating the love they’re shown for their music, and there could be no better way than this to do it.

The show was hosted by the charismatic Roger, Darren and Marilyn at CHUM, and as we’ve become so accustomed to in the past years, they delivered an all-star lineup of artists.

Needless to say the event was jam packed with enthusiastic fans. The Kool Haus is a great venue for large events like this. It’s got that cozy intimate appeal but with more than enough space to accommodate a very large group. The space was well set up, and everything was very organized.MagicFansThere were a couple slightly elevated booths that were positioned at the best possible visual points which were a bonus for shorties (like myself) more interested in watching the show, and still ample space for the bouncy, excited crowd that wanted to shake it, dance and party with their friends.

It’s always great to see an enormous turnout for Canadian bands that fly a little lower under the radar than most. CMW has always been an empowering opportunity for all artists involved, and the exposure some of these bands receive can make and break careers.The support system that is built and established by CMW is part of what makes participating in these events that much more enriching. For example, had anyone here heard of British Colombia’s Andrew Allen? Maybe. But his wonderfully sweet, uplifting pop/folk music is perfect for summer cruising, a picnic, or just lying on the beach.

The crowd was phenomenal for all the artists, but there was an exceptionally large shift in dancing when Kristina Maria took the stage.Kristina maria1Kristina MariaThe Ottawa raised pop singer/songwriter who was nominated for a ‘pop album of the year award’ this year, and even got Celine Dion and Vito Luprano to come out of the shadows after hearing the powerful voice behind that beautiful face. Dressed to the nines, she took the stage with a fierce attitude and sang her heart out. The fans reciprocated.

Canadian indie rockers Tegan and Sara followed, and when the girls sauntered out they were wearing matching black leather jackets and all black to go along with their backing band also rocking only black ensembles.

Some of the younger crowd retreated and a flood of support from the LGBT community came in. The lights dimmed, a hush came over the crowd and the twins from Calgary, Alberta took the stage. The girls opened their set with “I Just Want Back in Your Head,” a classic song from 2007’s The Con.Tegan & SaraThis revved up the beat and got the crowd dancing right from the start. The rest duo’s set consisted mostly of songs from their newest album Hearthrob. Songs like “Goodbye, Goodbye” and “I Was A Fool,” which captivated the crowd into a sing-a-long.

In the intro to the huge hit “I was a Fool,” Tegan Quin, who is known for having a bit of a foul mouth blurted out what everyone was thinking anyway “Is it just the leather jacket or is it fucking hot in here? Or is this just me? This is Canada. I know it was cold up here for a long time. Did Kool Haus not get the memo? Sara is going to fucking pass out from the heat!”CrowdThey played an incredible cover of Pete Townshend’s “Let My Love Open the Door,” which Sara Quin described as being “…an overly positive song. Something we would never normally do since it sets expectations too high.” With the soft pink and purple lights and the gentle strum of the xylophone this song was a beautiful compliment to their show.

During some of the more gut wrenching ballads it was evident that this album had made a rather large impact in the lives of the artists, moments of sincere vulnerability and outbursts of passion bellowed off the stage during performance.Tegan&Sara13They finished off the set with a super amped up version of “Closer”, which got every single person dancing and belting out the words like their life would end if they stopped.

Tegan & Sara really set up the show for Ellie Goulding the guest headliner UK pop-synth superstar. She came; she rocked out, and left in peace. CHUM FM scored huge getting these amazing for Fanfest 2014.

With turnouts and show line up’s like this, it’s hard to imagine what’s in store for next year.

Story by Madysun Ball, Photos by Tee OnekAlyssa Reid

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