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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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Kenny vs. Spenny vs. Canada graced CMW

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K & SKenny vs. Spenny vs. Canada, the live antics of Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice, came to Toronto and longtime fans of the show got a taste of their relationship firsthand.

The two took to the stage on these ridiculously uncomfortable looking high chairs, like the kind you would see at kitchen islands only meant to eat your toast and down your coffee and hop off the chair and go – not for a couple hours of talking. Spenny made mention of the fact several times during the course of their bantering.

The evening was simple but enjoyable, and incredulously crude, to the point where it would be wrong for me to write about most of it, but of course that’s what makes it funny.

K & SKenny and Spenny each had a mic on their respective sides, and they conversed or argued at times depending on where the speeches lead them. They brought with them a slew of favourite and never before seen clips from the show – some because they were too racy to ever air – and discussed the clips, and their plights along the way.

Their Kenny vs. Spenny vs. Canada tour started in Vancouver, B.C. on the last day of March, and progressed through the prairies heading east throughout April.

Now, they hit up their stomping ground in Ontario, their hometown of Toronto for May 6 and 7, and the sold out Queen Elizabeth theatre was in stitches.

If you’re unfamiliar with the long-running Canadian reality show that spanned six seasons and a Christmas special, it was a never-ending battle of wits, guts, cunning, and merciless triumph, in which every episode the two comrades would engage in a variety of useless competitions. _MG_8523Some of the clips they showed from specific episodes, where the contender had either crossed the line, or was cheating so the footage and actions were inadmissible to the competition at stake. For example in the “Who Can Tick More People Off Competition,” Spenny had poised, and dressed himself up as Adolf Hitler and was ready to parade around Toronto. By the way, he’s Jewish if you didn’t already know. So one can understand why they decided to clip that sketch.

The first clip Hotz decided to offer up to the crowd was one of him basically performing fellatio on a goat, that he calls a gazelle, and then him seemingly forcing the farm animal to reciprocate the favour. And that pretty much set the tone for the evening.

They also reminisced about favourite clips, dominant victories, and horridly embarrassing moments from both of their perspectives. Kenny often likes to boast about his glorious and consistent victories (the final tally was 59-21-5 in his favour) but, to his creedit, he his humble enough to admit when he’s been defeated._MG_8536Of all the competitions and plots against each other, Kenny gave Spenny due credit for his cunning during the “Who is the Better Boxer,” episode. Spenny got locked in a closet after Kenny tried to “spare him the beating” not wanting to hurt his friend. After perusing Niagara Falls on a pleasure trip, he returned after a day to let Spenny out, who retaliated upon the door’s opening by launching his bucket of excrement at Kenny’s visage.

It was all pretty hilarious. Then Kenny proceeded to bust out an acoustic guitar (which he hasn’t the slightest clue how to play) and some weird facial disguise, then played a vulgar song about “grandpa” from one of their past episodes.

And the rest of the evening pretty much went on as such, they talked, they bickered, they laughed, we laughed, and all in all, it was just an intimate evening with two legendary clowns from Toronto, who brought us one of Canada’s foulest, yet most endearing running television series ever.

This was the tale of the lovable duo of notorious bachelors Kenny and Spenny – best friends, roommates by design, and rivals by destiny.

Story by Devin Size, Photos by ftfphotography_MG_8450 _MG_8544 _MG_8469

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