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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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Deadmau5 and Jian Ghomeshi chat at CMW

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Let’s put it this way, Joel Zimmerman is a funny guy.

The man better known by his stage moniker Deadmau5 took a seat across from CBCs Jian Ghomeshi and took his questions. They chatted about many things, from business to genres, and the room was in stitches the entire time.

During Canadian Music Week, we had a buffet of worthy of the title celebrity interviews, this being the middle child between Dallas Green who was up the day before and preceding legendary producer Quincy Jones who took the stage the following day.Zimmerman opened up the interview talking about alternate sources of revenue and outreach for artists, citing his new live streaming subscription based website. The basic concept being that someone pays a paltry sum per month, and the artist – in this case Deadmau5 – uploads songs as they come before being compiled into an album.

He followed up after one of Ghomeshi’s questions about working with a label versus independently saying “If you’re working with a major label, you don’t get to draw that line,” speaking of leaking songs and such before an album release. “If I were still with Ultra (Records) and did that, they’d fucking kill me!”

Ghomeshi then followed that up by asking if Deadmau5 was uncomfortable being at a conference as business oriented as CMW, due to his nature to buck big labels and authoritative music figures.“Everyone who made me who I am is here,” said Zimmerman. He spoke of his love of working with strictly a manager. “I like my manager, because he’s a conduit between me and them. Most people only want to work with the manager, we’re not like that, we work together.”

They continued one discussing the legality battles in music when it comes to remixes, sampling, and using other people’s material. He mentioned how with the evolution of the internet and copyright laws, it’s become much more difficult to cross-pollenate music.

“I’m just saying, I don’t think Daft Punk would get away with an amazing album like DISCOVERY today, all those old funk bands would be up their asses with their lawyers.” Ghomeshi asked if Deadmau5 lamented the legal difficulties and he said he didn’t, just that it has become more difficult now that it’s all gone mainstream.

Then of course as one could assume the conversation turned to the Twitter direction, for Deadmau5 is known for his outrageous banter on the 140 character bomb dropper.

Speaking about one of his recent outbursts on Twitter regarding comments made by Arcade Fire during their headlining set at the first week of Coachella, when Win Butler shouted out “to all the bands playing instruments this weekend.”

His Twitter reply in question by Ghomeshi read “arcade fire needs to settle down. some dudes devote their lives to instruments, others to electronic composition by cpu, dafuqs yer problem?”“You went apeshit on Arcade Fire on Twitter,” laughed Ghomeshi. Zimmerman replied “No [laughs] I’m often misunderstood on Twitter. You only have 140 characters, you really have to grab them by the balls you know?”

The next topic of conversation was a laughable one, when Ghomeshi asked what Zimmerman thought of Avril Lavigne’s new video.

“That’s trolling!” Deadmau5 said. “All I’m going to say, is that if that is what she wants to do… Then good for Chad [Kroeger.]”

It was back and forth jokes between the two the entire time. The room was sold out and even the aisles between the chairs were flooded with squatters, again, just laughing throughout the entire interview.The funnier parts came when the subject of EDM came up, which of course stands for “electronic dance music,” a ubiquitous umbrella that any type or style of electronic had inadvertently stumbled under.

Recently Deadmau5 was unwillingly included on such an EDM compilation – he wasn’t too pleased.

“I’ve told everyone that I’m working with strategically right now that if I get put on another fucking EDM compilation, I’ll kill them!”

The conversation went on talking about his new album that is coming out soon, which he believes is really and truly his first real album. To him the rest where just a collection of tracks – compilations of his work.

Deadmau5 has officially revealed a June 17 digital drop date for while(1<2), with the physical and streaming versions due a week later on June 24. The two-disc, 25-track effort follows 2012’s Album Title Goes Here.

Story by Devin Size, photos by ftfphotography.

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