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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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CMW brought Sounds Australia to the Horseshoe

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Aussie BBQThe Sounds Australia Aussie BBQ held annually during Canadian Music Week is an event with several bands from the land down under, spread out over the course of two days and showcasing independent Australian acts.

Martyr held a contest for free tickets to the shows, but the winner also received a prize package with EPs, albums, and various other bits of swag from all the participating bands. In short, it was an amazing package for fans of new and independent music.

We decided to take ourselves to the Aussie BBQ held at the Horseshoe Tavern, which is a perfect initial venue for these blokes to first experience the Canadian music feel.

There were so many talented bands at the showcase, some of which Martyr has already covered. It would be almost impossible to talk about them all.  But we’re here to talk about the contents of prize pack, and the bands we got to witness.

Mia Dyson is one rad chick, with the spirit of Joan Jett and the look of Brody Dally, she gives off one attitude filled vibe of surfer rock. Talking with her before her set, she was really excited to play her first gig in Canada.miadysHer newest album Idyllwild that finally just dropped in Canada is a collection of spirited tunes from her experiences both back home and abroad, and the experiences that have shaped who she is today.

With tunes like “When We’re Older” and “Made from the Same Clay” that speak to the wisdom gained through the years, the young rocker is showing her acumen for life.

Not to mention she absolutely wails live, meanly plucking her six strings and vocal chords all at the same time, she’s a seasoned rock n roll diva and she’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Now, back to the surprise bag. The first item from the magic bag of tricks was the new EP from alt-rockers Fairchild called Burning Feet. Fairchild are interesting to listen to. The title track and first single “Burning Feet” is an upbeat and almost surf tinged song-catchy and commercial. But they also show depth in the song “Dancer” which slows down in pace and changes the band’s tone entirely.bbqOverall Fairchild is an interesting band. If you’re a fan of bands like Interpol, you’ll enjoy them, if you’re a fan of the Foofighters, you’ll also very much enjoy them.

Twin Lakes has the next band in the bag, with their album Ageing Fields.  Twin Lakes has a heavy electronic-synthesizer influence, but it’s done with subtlety. Rather than being bombarded with electronic sounds the synthesizer serves as more of a highlight for the vocals than anything.

The result is an almost trance-pop hybrid. It is difficult to listen to Twin Lakes without being slightly reminded of Gotye.  They also put on a great live show, friendly and humble with a full set.

Helen Shanahan’s album Driftwood happened to be the next album. Shanahan’s vocal talents are phenomenal and she constructs songs that are deep, but with pop appeal.keybHer sound is at once familiar, with classic tropes about love, loss, pain, and redemption, and completely refreshing in terms of her delivery.

Alt-pop band, Audego’ sophomore album Beneath the Static & the Low was the next album up.  Audego are a difficult band to define. On the one hand, their music is slow- incredibly, and unbelievably slow. On the other hand, the stillness gives the band more room to work with.

The result is music that’s sprawling and bizarre but strangely catchy.  They’re not so much a band, as a musical experiment. You’ll either really enjoy it, or really not enjoy it. There is no middle ground with this band. Bizarre.

The swag-bag took a trip back towards planet earth with the next EP Lyon Apprentice’s Be Honest Be Wild Be Free.  Lyon Apprentice has that combination of well-crafted lyrics and talented musicians that much of the independent music scene seems to be missing.miadLiberal use of piano helps to get the power of these songs across.  The EP is 5 songs long, with each one being represented by an animal on the cover art.  Give it a listen, and you may just find one to be your guide.

The last musical offering was Lili Kendall’s new single Move. It’s almost the perfect song to go out on. It’s punchy, with a no-nonsense vibe to it. Kendall has powerful vocals, and backs them up with a mix of electronic and instrumental power.

Overall the event was an awesome afternoon gathering with great food, people, and most of all bands. It was a perfect experience and opportunity to see and hear music from the other side of the world, another example as well of how closely related we are, even on completely different sides of the Motherland.

Story by Brian Talmey and Devin Size, photos by ftfphotography

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