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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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First Skull Fist hit Europe, then the Fist hit home

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Skull FistThe Mod Club in Toronto erupted with shredding fury as Skull Fist lit up the stage and raged for a jam packed crowd of local loyal fans.

The band’s second studio album Chasing the Dream came out in January, but they hit the road right away for a European tour with fellow hair metal heads Enforcer.

Front man shredder Jackie Slaughter says that although Europe was a blast, they loved hitting back the homestead and loved the warm reception. “Canada has always been sooo fun to tour, People in Toronto are fun as hell man!”

Some bands just have an uncanny ability to garner an incredible fan base and create a completely surreal atmosphere when on stage, and Skull Fist is definitely one of those bands. Their raw metal attires, hair, and shredding styles attract the attention of rockers old and young, and the crowd at the Mod Club was a perfect example of their solid fan base.

“We wanted to try and rip a good solid gig at the Mod Club just to gauge where our crowd size was at. I, of course, had no clue there would be a kick ass amount of people. So it was a gnarly surprise.”

_MG_4225Jackie SlaughterAt one point the moshing got so crazy that a poor dainty blonde girl got smashed into the edge of the stage or a speaker, didn’t see clearly, and got carried out of the crowd with a bloodied visage. Nothing says metal more than blood on the dance floor, but we hope she’s alright.

Skull Fist played songs from both their albums, including classics off the first album like “No False Metal,” “Ride On,” and “Head of the Pack.” From their new album they played fan favourites “Chasing the Dream,” “Hour to Live,” and their latest single and video “You’re Gonna Pay.” Needless to say it was a sick set, and start to finish the guys wailed.

Now that the album and European part of the tour are behind them, Slaughter and the boys are looking forward to big things to come next. “Tons of stuff coming up now. I think we’re definitely still chasing this dream though [Laughs.] We’ve got South America, Mexico, Japan, USA and Canada still left to tour. We’ll probably get Most of them done this year”Piggy BackJackie SurfinJonny Nesta and Jackie Slaughter did their signature mounted piggy-back guitar solos, and Jackie proceeded to jump into the crowd and surf mid song, guitar in hand. Their stage antics make the music come to life, and straight up represent the core values of hair metal. Pure sex, beer and rock n’ roll.

Skull Fist even encouraged their fans to jump on and off stage with them, while fans even rocked with them arm in arm on stage. Besides the mastery of their craft, Skull Fist is a band that has nailed the fan to band relationship, which is hugely responsible for their recent breakthrough and constant fan base expansion.Casey (Bass)The best part was when Slaughter recounted tales of being in Europe, and complaining that none of them could sing along with the “Canadian National Anthem” when they played it, but loved being back home because everyone knew it. Then they proceeded to play B.T.O’s legendary tune “Taking Care of Business.”

“It turned out that no one in Europe even really knows who B.T.O. is, which of course is sacrilegious to the sound of rock. Obviously. This is the Canadian national anthem man. Everyone in the world must know this.”

Slaughter even said that once they were playing it to an enormous crowd in Germany, and when they started that song everyone in the audience just stood still and stopped headbanging.

“It was so awkward that we had to cut the rest of the song and end it early [Laughs.] I ran to everyone while we were playing and yelled for them to cut it early. So we immediately broke out into a fast tune to try and save the set.”

_MG_4265With this recent European tour under their belt, the new album live and kickin’, and their hometown album release show slayed, the guys from Skull Fist are now happy to be home and rest, and loved meeting with their fans after the show to reciprocate the love they were shown.

“We’ve always complained about Canada, our own country, actually being our least popular country in the world,” said Slaughter. “This show was a real solid situation for us and a calling for us to keep workin’ our asses off in Canada and we’ll start getting the mondo crowds like Europe and South America.”

One thing’s for sure, with a crowd of over half women, the ladies love Skull Fist._MG_4362Chasing the DreamStory by Devin Size, Photos by ftfphotography.

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