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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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The Balconies deliver “Fast Motions” to Toronto

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The BalconiesAfter just releasing their highly anticipated new record Fast Motions, The Balconies had nothing left to do but celebrate with their hometown fan base.

Their debut record hit shelves on Jan. 28, and the reviews and responses to the album have blown anything previously done by the Balconies out of the water.

After a year of extensive touring, personal growth, and successful international embracing, The Balconies brought it all home for the Torontonian crowd.

Dual JamsLead singer Jacquie Neville says that they couldn’t be happier with last year’s eventful turnout, and stated that there was no better way to start 2014 than with a new record and a sold out hometown gig at Lee’s Palace.

“It’s one thing to play sold out rock shows across Europe, but it’s nothing like selling out to your hometown!”

The Balconies started off as a leather-clad three piece group, fresh out of Ottawa music school, and have since greatly developed, expanded, and experimented with their music. Now with the addition of a new drummer, Steve Molella, the slot that was previously filled by co-founder of the band Liam Jaeger. Jaeger has now moved to the front of the stage, pursuing his true passion as lead guitarist for the group.

Jacquie on Guitar

“It makes it so much easier in the writing and playing process now,” says Jaeger. “Before, I was still helping with the guitar parts, but would have to jump from drums to guitar and such, now Jacquie and I just vibe together.”

Not only does it make for interesting writing, but live, it sonically fills out their sounds exponentially, and has given their stage presence new life.

New member and instrument orientations aren’t the only changes to become of the Balconies, but also their sound has evolved.

“We’re experimenting with more electronic styles and incorporating that into our rock music. It’s a lot of fun and brings our music to life,” said Steve Neville, bass player and now doubling as the man behind the synths.

Steve Neville

The relief of Jaeger on guitar not only fills out their live sound to better replicate the recorded stylings of the group, but it also gives Jacquie the opportunity to focus on her stage performance and energy.

Although she loves playing guitar and would never dream of giving it up, but the ability to play rhythm while Jaeger handles lead gives her more room for singing and engaging her audience, something the band has hugely relied on to build their following.

Both of the Neville siblings and Jaeger himself all attest their growth as a band, and the improvement of their stage performance to recent experiences and touring.

After playing shows across Europe and North America last year, they simply learned from their environment, and drew inspiration from bits and pieces of every act they came across. With that being said, however, the Balconies have never been more themselves.

Liam Jaegar

Their charisma and characters are what separates the Balconies from most rock groups coming out of Canada in recent years, and not many independent bands can garner the kind of attention the Balconies have.

Seeing the band grow over the last three years has been incredible. They’ve broken out of their shells as a timid, technically-clad and organizationally tight three-piece pop/rock group, to a badass rock quartet with flare and style.

Story by Devin Size, photos by ftfphotography

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