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Rykka reigning ruler of 102.7’s Peak Performance

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Rykka Win photoWest coast singing celebrity Rykka, whom used to sing under the name Christina Maria, just won big at Vancouver’s 102.7 FM The Peak’s Performance Project.

How big, you ask? Six figures big. Rykka walked away from the Peak Performance Project with a whopping $102,700 to put towards her music career. Above all her touring funding and all else, Rykka will be using the money to creat her new album with Mother Mother’s front man, Ryan Guldemond in her corner.

“In May, Ryan and I will be producing a new album, and until then, I will be doing nothing but writing,” said Rykka. “He produced my last album as well and he’s great to work with.”

Guldemond and Rykka attended the same music college and have always been in the same circle of friends. “He’s the best person ever, the whole band (Mother Mother) is amazing,” said Rykka.

Already seeing a fair amount of attention after releasing her newest album Kodiak earlier this summer, her experience in the Peak Performance this time around (she competed in it three years ago, but didn’t make the top 5 finals) gave her more than money can buy, it gave her the experience and wisdom to know what to do with that money.

“I had an idea going into it, as I had been there before. This time around though was totally different world to me because I have grown so much as an artist and a person.”

Rykka admitted that the biggest blow from her first stint in the project was the realization that organization is key.

“I worked really hard for the last three years to become more organized, and also massaged my ideas artistically too into a focused, unique direction.”

The latest album has not only received rave reviews from fans and other artists alike, but it was also a turning point in the creative stylings of Rykka herself.

“This album was an effort in improving my writing skills. The concept is to bring light to the fact that we’re living in a world where we’re knowingly hurting the environment, and from the first person animal perspective makes you discover what it’s about.”

Also produced by Guldemond, the album is a concept piece, written and sung from the perspective of animals, bringing light and insight into the world of emotions of animals, and how they perceive and feel about the same issues we adapt to and experience every day.

“I wanted to open up a different mind frame for myself and other people.”

Guldemond lauded her chorus work in the hit single from Kodiak “Blackie,” when he said “Blackie has my favourite chorus, and not just on the new Rykka record, but ever.”

Another stand-out feature of the new album, was the fact that Rykka has relinquished her acoustic guitar in favour of the trending popularity of grungy guitars that meet dirty deep synth riffs to make a deeper, fuller sound. It worked well with the concept because it gave her more creative breathing room to express the animals’ perceptions.

Rykka is one of those true-blue performing artists, that may not have the hugest catalogue of recorded music, even with three and a half albums under her belt, yet she has performed more than any other Canadian artist in her time on the scene, with over 300 shows in just about five years.

The next big thing fans can expect from Rykka and company before the new album comes, is a new video for a new single. During the Peak Performance Project, Rykka co-wrote a song called “Together” with pop-rock band Bestie during bootcamp, for which they just received a Much Music video grant for.

Story by Devin Size

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