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Dan-e-o has returned, and it was Inevitable

Submitted by on November 23, 2013 – 3:55 pmNo Comment

Dan-e-oWorking together with long time co-producer and best friend Charisma, Dan-e-o has returned with the highly anticipated Inevitable album, the follow up to Immortal EP.

Dan-e-o, a well-established yet modest anchor in the Canadian hip-hop scene, has been on his game since 1996, but feels like now is the beginning, now’s going to be his time.

“I feel like this is the starting point,” said Dan-e-o. “I feel like all of this time I’ve been paying dues, not instantly put on international status, but it’s all been training. I’ve been steadily honing my craft.”

As he simply puts it, it’s not measurable on a level of commercial success or album sales. It’s about gaining listeners to him. As a traditional style emcee, is only concern is to be heard, and whether you like it or not isn’t an issue, as long as you listen.

The new album was produced entirely by Charisma, the original founding member of Monolith, best friend of Dan-e-o before the crew was even a crew. Monolith is the hip-hop crew that Dan-e-o established in 1997 after he dropped his first hit track “Dear Hip-Hop.”

“As a main emcee of Monolith and now making his way as a producer, Charisma’s beats on this album had to make a statement. It helped me to come up with the lyrics and the flow on the album.”

The album is a reflection of wisdom accumulated over the years as an emcee, a lyricist, a producer, an entrepreneur, a mentor, but most importantly, as a man.

“It was important for my influences and what I’ve learned to come through in my music.”

From track to track, you get a taste of Dan-e-o’s perspective of various aspects of life, whether it be about friendships, relationship, hardships, or partnerships, you gain a little insight into the cranial of Dan-e-o.

“We’re multi-dimensional people, with a wide range of emotions, and I felt like this album needed to express that,” said Dan-e-o. “It was put together in the back and forth style to portray both the ever-confident Dan-e-o who can’t be stopped, then there’s this vulnerable Daniel guy, who’s had a girl break him down to almost nothing to the point where I had to rebuild.”image-inevitableDan-e-o now teaches song writing and he said that as he grew up learning from the best, there’s more to it than just being a rapper or an emcee.

“They taught me that above all else, you have to be a songwriter, a great lyricist, so that you can compose timeless music.”

“Being in the game for as long as I have, the least you could expect is to have grown as an artist, developed as an artist, and especially as a song writer,” said Dan-e-o.

One thing that stands out with Dan-e-o as an artist and also a person, is that he is steadily committed. The reason the new album is called Inevitable, and why it was inevitable, is because Dan-e-o won’t quit until he accomplishes what he set out to. His determination shines through in is music.

Many called him a “Dreamchaser,” hence the title of the first track of the album, the only difference between him and some, is that he focuses to make his dreams a reality.

“I have to shout out Black Cat of Monolith, because it was him that called me a ‘dream chaser’ and inspired me to write that song.”

As one half of Perfeck Strangers, and one tenth of Monolith, Dan-e-o is as much a solo artist as an integral part of these two other organisations. Perfeck Strangers, along with Promise, released their debut album Series Premier in March 2012.

Up above an accomplished emcee, Dan-e-o also has numerous acting gigs on his resume, from an episode of the A&E series Breakout Kings, had a starring role in the film Anything Goes (2011) and is now filming another lead role in the upcoming movie Tapped.

Story by Devin Size

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