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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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All Else Fails doing anything else but failing

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All Else FailsBorn out of Edmonton, Alta., the “Festival City” of Canada, All Else Fails has been reeling since the late July release of Fucktropolis, their third album.

The five-track EP came out to rave reviews from fans and critics alike, and the band has been playing relentlessly since it dropped. Guitarist for the band Mike Sands took time out of his busy schedule to talk with Martyr about their recent release and explain what it means to the band.

All-Else-Fails-FucktropolisFucktropolis is a lyric from one of our songs, we didn’t want to do a title-track sort of thing,” said Sands. “Now, I actually don’t know what it means, I’m terrible with our lyrics, I just play guitar [laughs] but I know we always try to make our lyrics subjective, so they can be whatever the fans wants it to be.”

The album is reflective of the band’s despairing view of the world as we know it today, in a modern age of technology and society driven by digital communication, letting humanity die in the rear-view mirror.

“You can tell by the art of the album, that it reflects a dystopian state, and the world around it is just kind of saying…’fuck…’ you know?”

Although they sound morose and morbid on the surface, the angst simply fuels an eclectic and blended genre of synergized metal and melodic synthesized meltdowns, accompanied by grueling growls and sharp screams.

They blend a medley of experimentally progressive yet classic song writing tactics that translate nicely in a unique way.

“The craziness just makes me happy.”

The band loves touring, like any metal band, but they like to keep it real. Whether they’re playing for three people, or three thousand, they’re just happy to be on the road, playing shows, and being in a different city every day. But the kicker for them, is that they never fancy up on accommodations. They often land a place to stay from a fan or random supporter that the promoter found for them.

All Else Fails has been touring now for about six years now, in that time they’ve supported some major Canadian headliners like 3 Inches of Blood, Protest the Hero, and Cancer Bats along with many others. These bands have had a profound influence on the group, and Sands says it’s helped them develop to new heights.

“The feeling alone of playing with some of the names you’ve mentioned is unreal, pure accomplishments” said Sands. “It’s humbling, I love all the bands we’ve played with, some have been my favourites forever, so it’s inspiring.”

Another stylistic point unique to them is their album recording and releasing process. Sands explains that with fast moving  media platforms and ever shortening attention spans, they believe it more beneficial mutually for the fans and band alike to release EPs with a few songs every year or so as opposed to creating build up over time for a full-length.

“Our thoughts on EPs, is that we can keep material coming out constantly as opposed to taking 2-3 years to write one long album. With the way the internet is and how fast paced the industry has become, you have to have material coming out constantly or you’ll get left behind.”

So although the new album is short and sweet, the wait for the next release will be also.

“We’re already working away and getting into the next record, when we’re not playing shows, we’re writing music.”

Story by Devin Size, Photo by Tyler Branston

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