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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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Flux Pavilion lit up Toronto with Cookie Monsta

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FPFloUK’s DJ sensation Flux Pavilion, aka Joshua Steele, came fully load for his Toronto gig at the Kool Haus on Friday, Oct. 4 on the Canadian leg of his FreeWay tour.

The show had a great set list, and the venue was perfectly set up for the crowd that lit the place up. What was once a genre for the nerdish and shy, has now become the watering hole for a controversial species in modern society.

Flux’s Circus Records label-mate Brown & Gammon opened the show to an uber-enthusiastic group of neon-clad youth, the half-filled Kool Haus sparked into a bouncing unison. Brown, of Brown & Gammon’s forte is heavy brostep with twisted, funky bass drops and melodic synths.CookieMonstaCookie Monsta, the moniker of Tony Cook, is also a producer and DJ from the UK and was up to the decks after Brown’s set. Just as the night’s crowd reached a peak, the entire densely packed tune selection started roaring louder.

If you crave downright raw  dubstep then Cookie Monsta’s your new best friend. Packing a recipe of face-palming snares, ground rattling bass and eye popping dirty electronics, his sound emulates a demonic buzz-saw lacerating ear flesh worldwide.Flux BarrierHis ambiance and stage presence fiercely encouraged chants and dance pits. He threw down an hour of near-pure gritty music with the odd melodic break to add a little flavour, and give the ravers a break to breathe.

Cookie Monsta rocks out while he’s on stage, more than most musical machinists. He gives off the allure that he is just there to have a great time and expects the crowd to do the same, partying just as hard. Nearing his finale, the room was slightly silenced. And then he calmly asked the crowd, “Who wants a cookie?” before tossing Chips Ahoy cookies into the air like confetti – end scene.CookieMonsta FPCrowdFinally, it was time for the main event. Flux Pavilion took over the tables after a brief but much needed intermission. He opened his set with his well known track “The Scientist” off his recent EP Blow The Roof which was released in September. He opted to use his own live vocals over an instrumentally dubbed version, showcasing his ability to sing the vocals he’d used on so many of his tracks.

Flux made sure his set kept show-goers on their toes every step of the way. With diversity, and a cascading and luminous light show it was a refreshing change from the general mass of grungy drum and bass shows we’ve seen lately.Flux Crowd FPOnitHe banged out an array of his more recent hits, as well as classic anthems like “Bass Cannon” and of course “I Can’t Stop” which was featured in the latest rendition of Hollywood’s 2013 The Great Gatsby.

The light show became more intricate and hauntingly beautiful as the night (or should I say morning at this point) went on, featuring blasts of smoke and full spectrum lasers with projected clouds surrounding the crowd.

The crowd went wild when and unreleased song from his upcoming release was blasted through the speakers full force and a cloud of soft pink, yellow and blue cascaded atop the room. The sheer carnality of it all called for very little clothing, sweat and questionable concoctions.

He closed the show with “Gold Dust” a fresh original and a personal favourite as his encore and then the crowd went wild one last time before it abruptly dissipated and the lights came on, and after a surreal experience, everyone went back to their lives.

Story by Madysun Ball, Photos by Tee Onek

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