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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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Zedd brought Toronto a ‘Moment of Clarity’

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ZEDDOpenZedd’s presence behind the decks, is a unique talent of being able to read his audience and adjust accordingly.

He blasted the Sound Academy in Toronto on Thursday,  Sept. 12, and he relayed an aura to the fans that kept them on the high of his entrancing eclectic electronica.

Based out of Eastern Europe, mainly Germany (he’s actually Russian,) Zedd is one of the few DJs out there with an uncanny ability to consistently evolve. Like a rock or metal band that keeps exploring new styles and genres within their own realm over time, Zedd dabbles in all forms of electronic music from dubsteb to “complextro” house music.

OliverAs you entered you were immediately hit with a vibe that was quite a thrill. Oliver, who opened for Zedd, was performing and their brand of high energy electronica. It creates an atmosphere that makes all in attendance want to convulse in its reflected auditory glory.

Personally I had never heard of Oliver before this set, but if you like high energy progressive house, I definitely suggest you give them a listen. And if you saw them live, you wouldn’t be sorry, the fans in attendance sure weren’t.
Zedd CrowdJust as the witching hour struck, all the lights went down, and a few moments later the strobes hit like piercing and pulsating spot light. The curtains parted, and out came Zedd, perched high above a 8 foot LED screen.

ZeddlightsZEDDD ZeddlightssFor Zedd’s Moment of Clarity tour, he amplified his set with a lighting and visual show that has become ubiquitous with house music of all kinds, but his is setting the standard higher than any other.

This appears to be the year for Zedd’s North American commercial success. With television appearances ranging from David Letterman to Jimmy Fallon and Ultra to Electric Zoo, he’s quickly becoming a household name, pun intended. This tour has crossed Alberta all the way to Texas and everywhere in between.


GirlsAt one point during his set, Zedd turned off the vocals and let the crowd sing the chorus. Rarely do DJs incorporate the crowd into their set, something that has been lacking on their lives shows compared to instrumental bands and other genres.

Just before the chimes of last call, the music fades out, a blue light blankets the room and the crowd starts chanting Zedd for an encore. The effervescent blue fades to black and a beat slowly emerges as does Zedd for his last song.

The crowd roars raucously in a show of appreciation and as the song draws to close the crowd once again begins yet another Zedd chant.

The auditory and visual odyssey that is the Moment of Clarity tour, is definitely breaking boundaries.

Story and photos by Tee Onek

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