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Daniel Wesley ends Canadian tour in TO

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Daniel WesleyAfter releasing his new album Ocean Wide in April, Daniel Wesley of B.C. has been doing nothing more than touring from coast to coast.

He covered his entire side of the country before heading east to grace stages across Ontario, where he landed at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto.

“It’s the Horseshoe!” Wesley exclaimed. “It’s one of my favourite places to play, it’s my fourth time now, and It’s been too long, not sure why, but glad to be back here for the last show of the tour.”

“I did a fifteen show stint out west, now I’m finishing up my eighth show now of the Ontario leg of the tour,”

His fifth studio album stems from a multitude of life experiences, but mostly his latest inspiration was drawn from a backpacking trip across South America he said.

“We recorded the album last fall,” explained Wesley. “Before that my wife and I had just taken a backpacking trip in South America.”

“A lot of the themes were spawned from that trip. It’s ecclectic like my other albums, but I delved into some sonic sides I haven’t before.”

The lyrical content stimulates self-reflection, as he uses poetic metaphors and imagery to describe his personal insights on life in general, but most importantly, maintaining a positive and healthy mind set.

“For me, it wasn’t really about soul searching,” Wesley laughed. “I’ve been playing music for a living for seven years now, and it’s my dream job. I’m just starting to wonder, can I do more with it?”

“Not to get serious, but I wanted to have a little more depth on this album.”

The sixth studio album from Wesley is still musically themed with his fun loving rhythms, but this time he just wanted to bring to light things that aren’t always thought of in this day and age of mobile phones and fancy computers, introspective things. His latest video is a testament to his true style and self image.

“‘Fuel to Fire’ was a fun video to shoot, driving all over around Los Angeles and using all the Go-Pros.”

While filming the video, Wesley admits being on edge through the entire shoot, awaiting a call from home where his pregnant wife was about to give way to their new born son, Finn, who was born in March right before the album was released, hence the set back in its arrival.Sweaty WesleyHis set was soaked with sweat as he drenched his fans in echoes of his musical experiences. They didn’t mind getting a little wet with wisdom from a man who seemingly never stops singing or smiling.

Wesley is most known for his upbeat and inspriring music, that can lift your spirit on even the worst days. His fan base is primarily composed of fun loving fanatics of friendliness and endless enthusiasm.Wesley and fans“I don’t take any one show more seriously than the next, it’s just a lot of fun and I’m always happy doing it.”

Although his set started only at midnight, the crowd was happy to stay occupied drinking and laughing on this gorgeously rainy Saturday night in Toronto to see their western worldly wanderer.

Wesley presents his music in his name, but he never plays without a band, which is composed of various friends and familiar artists. He has his staple endured entourage in White Rock, B.C., but he also keeps a little black book of east coast musicians that he can call on when touring this side of Canada.

His keyboardist for the night, was none other than Anthony Carone from the Arkells.Anthony Carone - Arkells“It’s been nice having Anthony play with us for the last couple shows,” Wesley went on about how he enjoys having different people to play with live.

Above the ease of mobility having band members in different locations provides him, Wesley enjoys the change of pace when playing with different artists, as he says, it keeps his music fresh and just different enough each time to keep not only the fans interested, but also himself.

“It’s nice to hear your music played through other people. It gives you new perspectives on the same songs, and it’s like a breath of fresh air.”

Story by Devin Size, photos by Tee Onek.

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