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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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Gabrielle Papillion evolving from Little Bug to butterfly

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The folk singer-songwriter from the heart of Quebec has been developing her style for the past decade, but is finally becoming grounded and spreading her wings simultaneously.

Out with her most recent album in September Little Bug she now has something to truly call her own.

After a short hiatus from music to better herself with a university education in history and classic literature, she is back stronger than ever and fully focused on her forte – music.

“I don’t do it purely for myself. If my music doesn’t do something for someone, then I’m not doing something right.”

Her eclectic toe tapping mixture of acoustic ballads and serenades combined with her introspective metaphorical lyrics not only give insight into the eyes of an everyday woman evolving, but also gives the audience full lucidity into her world with lyrics purely relative to the listeners perspective.

“There’s two great things about being a musician, there’s writing the song which is amazing. But then there’s the moment when someone tells you that your music moved them in some way.”

Although she does write from the heart and experiences, her lyrical content is more poetic than it is anecdotal.

“I wish I was one of those artists that something happens and I want to write a song about it, but I draw inspiration from life as it comes.”

In recent months, she has been touring relentlessly, taking Canada from coast to coast by storm with strings and things that make the heart sing.

When she’s not on the road touring and traveling, she’s spending most of her time between New Glasgow, N.S. where her family is, and Montreal, where her music began and is based.  300 or so shows over the last few years of touring has left her feeling somewhat nomadic without a place to call home, so she made Nova Scotia her permanent residency, at home with her parents.

“It’s been about being transient for the last few years, never really resting. As a touring artist you have to have the urge and will to move around a lot, going places.”

As she bluntly puts it, if she isn’t touring, she’s not making money to support her craft. It’s about more than money for her, it’s about transformation and constant evolution. As an artist, she feels strongly about consistent change and moving forward, and different shows and bigger venues are what do it for her.

It seems too transparent to not be noticed, but her surname, which is French, translates to “butterfly” in English, and her composing follows suit to the life of one – something she says she never heeded much to.

“I haven’t thought about the life of the butterfly too much in terms of myself, that’s a cool question, but subliminally for sure it ties in.” she said when asked about the relation to her bug metaphors in the album.

Her album release and tour kicked off with a stop here in Toronto at the Rivoli Sept. 30, with friends and family, before she heads off to conquer coast to coast.

“It was wonderful to have a gang of really good friends (and one sibling) up on stage with me.  They are a pretty amazing group and I’m so lucky to have them in my corner.”

Story by Devin Size

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