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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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My Darkest Days light up stage for IME and Nickelback

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They may have been the opening band for Canadian greats I Mother Earth and Nickelback in Toronto, but there were just as many people in that crowd there for My Darkest Days as there were the headliners.

At a signing after their set, sitting with MDD frontman, Matt Walst, and guitarist Sal Costa, they said that fans were running over to let him know exactly that.

“When we were signing, we had people telling us they only came here for us,” said Walst, sipping back a beer offered to him while we chatted backstage of the Molson Amphitheatre.

“Touring with Nickelback since the new album came out has been awesome, doing these huge shows and venues is simply amazing,” said Walst

“It definitely doesn’t suck touring with Nickelback,” said Costa. “Seriously from start to finish, they’re such an admirable band to work with, from their show to their organization, they’re just such a professional band.”For only a half-hour set, they jarred the crowd from start to finish, with them singing along with every song of the set list.

They opened with the title track from their new album Sick and Twisted Affair, which was met with energetic enthusiasm, and when “Porn Star Dancing” came on, well they had the girls in the crowd looking just like the women dancing on stage.

This song has been more popular in strip clubs than it has been on the radio. Being that it was their first single after getting signed by Chad Kroeger’s label 604 Records, it’s no wonder the crowd went wild.“It’s worked out for us, because when we go to strip clubs now, people know us. Our buddy Ted Bruner, encouraged us to write this song about strip clubs. It’s funny cause’ we were thinking about Mambo No. 5, and how it lists of girls, and we did our own.”

Costa, who joined in 2009 half-way through recording their self-titled debut album after two other guitarists left the group, said he’s not going anywhere.

“There’s definitely been an evolution in the band since I joined part-way through the first album,” said Costa. “This album is a lot heavier, and performing it live for audiences that love heavy music is amazing. It’s been a wicked journey over the last few years. I’m really at home now with MDD.”

“Sal could always sing really high, so it makes our vocal harmonies out of control,” added Walst. “So we just took some scissors, and cut off his balls to keep his voice that high.” MDD puts a lighter, more sexual thematic into their song writing, even though they talk about serious relationship situations in the mix. Their latest single “Casual Sex” was one of the prominent tunes of the show, where Walst, after promoting out of relationship relations, threw out MDD condoms to the crowd in the pit.

When I asked Walst about his bassist brother, Brad’s band, Three Days Grace, and how great it must be for their parents to see them in action like that in two different but oh so similar bands, he looked over my shoulder and said, “Yeah, mom’s definitely proud.” To my surprise I looked over to his mother waving at me.At one point early on Matt was writing with TDG and left to create his own group with bassist Brenden McMillan. Stage talent clearly runs in the Walst family.

“I’m glad we did our own thing, but we really look up to them still. It was awesome touring with them and it’s amazing to have an older brother to look up to like that.”

About a year ago, Nickelback was set to play the Amphitheatre, when unfortunately the show got called due to thunder and lightning. The guys from MDD were standing on stage and took a photo, and said that one day they hope to hit that stage, and July 11 their dream came true.

MDD is definitely one band to keep your eyes on, it won’t be long until they’re headlining the Amphitheatre.

Story by Devin Size, photos by Tee Onek


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