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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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Cherri Bomb pierces rock fabric with debut album

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To have toured of all Europe and the States, shared stages with the Smashing Pumpkins and Foo Fighters, and have released a debut full-length album within the first two-three years of creating a band are amazing feats on their own.

Ready for the twist? Julia Pierce, founder and lead of Los Angeles based rock-quartet Cherri Bomb accomplished all this before her 15th birthday, which passed on May 22.

“It’s awesome, because we were back home in New York City celebrating both the release and my birthday,” said Pierce. “We’ve gotten great feedback so far, and we got to open for Steel Panther, one of our favourite bands.”

Pierce said she was surprisingly shaped by her experiences with Billy Corgan, and her first tour ever, which was with the Pumpkins at 13 in 2010.

“I idolized these guys growing up, and admired Corgan as a front-man songwriter. He told me to always stay humble, and stay true and nothing could stop us. It was amazing to hear that from my mentor.”

The debut full-length album This is the End of Control released May 15 provides an eclectic plethora of fast-paced rock you’d expect from girls who idolize bands such as Garbage and Nirvana, but far from a carbon copy.Cherri Bomb was the brain-child of Pierce at a very young age, after getting her first guitar when only six years-old, dropping the piano lessons her parents had her in.

“I’d walk by the guitars in the store where I had lessons, and just wanted to pick one up, then that year for Christmas I got my first acoustic guitar.”

She stopped at nothing to fulfill her stage-front fantasy.

“I knew I wanted to start my own girl band, I put flyers in every music store in LA and had adds on Craiglist, then held tryouts. It was hard because at 11, it’s tough to even find people that play instruments,” she explained.

The band – comprised of Julia on vocals and guitar, Nia Lovelis on the kit, her sister Rena on bass, and Miranda Miller on the axe – epitomizes the sentiments of most girls aged 14-17 – teenage angst with tales of first and fatal loves.

“We deal with a lot at such a young age and touring, we see a lot and go through a lot. Not that we’re pros at life yet, but that’s why we love writing songs because we take out our angst on them.”

Examples of the jaded hearts and sour-tastes left in Pierce’s entourage are evident in song titles such as “Heart is a Hole” and “Better This Way.” Comprised of lyrics about heartache – What do you do when/The truth was a lie all along/Where do you turn to/When you find the rights were always wrong – Pierce’s writing thrives from personal experience and rights of passage experienced by everyone at all ages and stages.

“We’re all really mature and independent, and we’ve all been through relationships. We’ve had early heart breaks, but it’s something all teenagers can relate to.”

Not everything to these girls is about failed romance and anguish however, as they still do their homework on tour, and experience the norms of society and the judgement faced while growing up and discovering personal image and virtue, touted in the verses of “Act the Part.”“It’s a song about us being just who we are, but all in a sarcastic way. It’s all real and we’re all genuine, and I feel that we’re unlike any other band out there. Not even isolated as an all-girl band. We’re just creating something they’ve never heard before.”

At only fifteen, Julia Pierce has seen more of the world than most people do at fifty leaving her childhood behind for greater pastures of prosperity, and she’s somewhat of an inspiration to young women everywhere.

“I would just say (to girls,) always take the path that your heart leads you down. Never take no for an answer, never give up.”

Story by Devin Size, photos from Cherri Bomb




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