Mississauga native PND is having a party next door in Toronto
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PartyNextDoor has been blowing up social media recently with cryptic tweets  which have become the hallmark for OVO marketing their stable of artists of which PND is a proud member of. Now just days before …

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NeMo transforms to IMMB to make it in NYC

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Like an urban Jekyll and Hyde, some sort of hip-hop potion has transformed daytime rapper and musical engineer NeMo into his newly found night-time alter-ego, IMakeMadBeats.

Out this week with his self-titled debut album, IMMB says after moving to New York City to work at Quad Recording Studios, he saw what was really out there and what was needed to compete on the same level as the other cats in the game.

“When I moved to New York, I became more focused than I had ever been,” says IMMB. “I was surrounded by hustlers, so you know, ‘when in Rome.’ I had to turn from NeMo to IMakeMadBeats. Now I’m a little bit meaner, a little bit darker, a little less patient – but more productive.”

Before his evolution, NeMo discovered a passion for creating music where he grew up in Memphis, Tenn. For what he wanted to accomplish, however, he saw a lack of diversity and culture there and moved to push his way out of his hometown.

“I’ve always been self-motivated, but there, my motivation was to get out of Memphis,” explains IMMB. “That’s why I worked hard just to get out of there, to go places where there were different cultures, and different styles of music. There if it didn’t sound like Three Six Mafia, no one wanted to hear it.”

In the tracks from his new album, up and coming hip-hop artists Midaz, Mic Geronimo, Black Milk and IMMB’s brother, Tzarizm, all give a shout to NeMo. This makes one thing evident: The creation of IMMB has in no way killed off the persona of NeMo.

“I’ll be NeMo forever,” he says. “To those who know me closer, I’m both. It just depends on when you talk to me. It’s not as serious as the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde scenario, but I’m definitely not always IMakeMadBeats.

More than thankful for the release of his new album, IMMB is just happy to be healthy. Last year, he fell ill due to malnutrition. His doctor informed him that his blood was deficient of almost every necessary nutrient. IMMB says he was literally living off of music.

“I had pushed myself so hard that I got sick,” divulges IMMB. “Just simply because I stopped eating, and all I was doing was making mad beats. I was living off music, trying to survive in NYC, the most expensive place to live in the USA.”

Story by Devin Size

Photo by Darius B. Williams

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